How Important Is Proper Drainage For Your Property?

There are many aspects of a property, whether it is residential or commercial, that a property owner will need to look after. While we all focus on the gas and electricity, we should also pay attention to the drainage and plumbing.

Drainage is an important part of any property and it is a complex system which requires contractors and homeowners to be aware of how it works and why it is important. A property’s drainage system is integral in the efficiency of a property and if there is a problem with the system or a repair needs to be made, it could affect your entire home.

What is a Drainage System?

A drainage system removes excess water from the property either in the ground’s surface or the rootzone. Excess water can build up from rainwater or the use of too much irrigation water. This water needs to be drained in order to clear the system and pipes otherwise it could cause flooding, leaking, slow draining, bad smells and water damage.

Waste water from your appliances such as dishwashers, sinks and baths can flow into two areas – the main soil stack (which leads directly to an underground drain) or a trapped gully. A gully is fitted with a plastic grid, which you may have seen before, to prevent leaves and debris from entering the drain and blocking it.

Rainwater from gutters is drained differently. In the UK especially, there needs to be a separate system because rain can be heavy and prolonged. The rainwater flows from the gutter into a gridded or an open gully and then directly into an underground drain pipe. After this process, the water may flow into a storm drain beneath a road or a soakaway in your garden, where it will be percolated back into the soil.

Who Is Responsible For The Drainage System?

For a private residential property such as a house, the homeowner is responsible for the drainage system. This means that if there is a plumbing or more complicated drainage issue, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to contact a drainage repairs company to establish and resolve the issue.

For public commercial properties or apartment flats for example, it is the responsibility of the landlord. Depending on the unit, the property will have a certain drainage system that they will be responsible for. So if there is a repair needed for one area of the drain system, whoever owns that section of land it falls under is responsible for the repair. In this case a drainage company will need to be called as well.

The Expenses Of Water Damage Can Be Costly

If you do not look after your drainage system, the effects can be expensive to repair. Water damage is something that can be prevented, and it is better if it is spotted sooner than later. According to a study done by Direct Line Home Insurance, in the last 5 years, 1 in 4 people in the UK have experienced water damage from a neighbour’s property.

How To Prevent Damage To Your Drainage System

A drainage company will be able to make the repairs you need when it comes to plumbing and drains. Picking a drainage company is not easy and you should look into the company to avoid choosing drainage contractors who are not qualified or trained to do the job.

A reliable drainage company will have testimonials from clients as well as the training and qualifications legally required for them to work on your drains and pipes. Any drainage issue can be prevented by calling a drain expert as soon as you suspect that there is an issue. They will be able to respond to the call by detecting the problem, locating the source of the damage and repairing the system efficiently and safely.

Many issues such as leaks, water damage, flooding and bad smells that come from damaged drain systems can be prevented or repaired by a trained drainage company.


As a homeowner or landlord, you need to be aware of the damages that can occur to your drainage system and how it may affect the efficiency and safety of your home. Once you are aware of any defects or you spot any signs such as leaks, water marks or flooding, you should contact a drainage expert to stop the damage in it’s tracks, before you end up with a costly repair or worse, an angry neighbour. In emergency cases, a reputable drainage company in Essex will also be able to respond quickly and efficiently.