The Construction Industry is Predicted To Transform With A New Government Deal

The UK construction sector is worth billions and there has been a lot of changes in the more recent years as well as schemes put in place to improve the construction sector. This new deal could mean that there are more projects on building better UK homes and infrastructure which will result in billions more are added to the UK economy.

The UK government and the construction industry have been working together to develop a strategy for development of the housing and infrastructure throughout the country. Ever since the release of the Industrial Strategy green paper which agrees the sector deal, the industry plans include modernising the sector to efficiently reply to the challenges involved with the consequences of Brexit as well as the demographic changes.

The idea of the deal is to prepare the UK for the future which includes individual residents as well as businesses to build and construct at a quicker speed as well reduce the costs involved to make the sector more effective and efficient. The issue of skill shortage has also been addressed, and the deal hopes to work around that.


The Chair of the Construction Leadership Council, Andrew Wolstenholme, stated, “I am delighted that construction has been included in the first wave of sector deals. It presents a huge opportunity for one of the UK’s largest industries and the broader economy.” Over the next few decades, there has been plans for around £600 billion to be spent on infrastructure projects.

It is very important that over the next few years, the government and the construction industry work closely together to kickstart the delivery of these new projects to make sure that the changes are seen in the future.

As for the Construction Sector Deal, the plans are set to take place in the new year. The first steps for this deal is to develop an industry-wide definition of value to produce a strategy to reduce capital costs and improve efficiency. A major point of the strategy is the Procedure of Better Value, which means building a mass of clients and advisors who are trained to reach outcomes efficiently in both economic and lifestyle performance.